What We Do


Consulting and Connecting

At Aqaleem Investment Solutions we talk to managements and decision-makers of corporates, understand their future plans and business needs and advise them on how to develop and further their strategies.

Through our network, we also connect them to the right parties if needed.


Sourcing Opportunities

We constantly aim to generate value for our clients.

Aqaleem Investment Solutions is neutral to the sector and the industry as long as the perceived opportunity is meaningful to the clients’ needs and requirements.

We conduct thorough due diligence and look at various criteria such as rationale, potential yield, track record, relevance and suitability among other factors.


Investing in Startups

Aqaleem Investment Solutions aims to be well-connected within the startup community. We help start and grow new concepts, and are always interested in entrepreneurs with alluring and novel ideas which will allow them to establish lucrative businesses.

We typically look at the stage where the startup is, the vision as well as the team behind it and finally the exit strategy. When we are sufficiently satisfied with the profit prospects, we will invest in the new entities either solely or alongside our clients and partners.

Aqaleem will also create and operate its own companies when it identifies a specific need or strong return potential.